10 mega cool Kurt Rosenwinkel Licks!!

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Lick 1:Our Secret World - connect two chords via the HTGT scale

Lick 2: How Deep Is The Ocean? - exploring some bebop language

Lick 3: Homage A Mitch - diminished arpeggios

Lick 4: Enemies of Energy - linear line construction

Lick 5: WHOA/ DOMI and JD Beck - connecting m7 chords a minor third apart

Lick 6: Ugly Beauty: very cool 251 lick using the HTGT scale and the pentatonic

Lick 7: Cubism: motivic playing! so beautiful!

Lick 8: Enemies of Energy: modal lick on a m7 chord

Lick 9: Conception: 251 in minor using the phrygian sound

Lick 10: Chris Cheek/ I´ll be seeing you: another long-form arpeggio featuring enclosures