🎸 10 Week Live Online Jazz Guitar Course 🎸

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 I have been studying jazz guitar in Amsterdam and Paris, and I have been making a living as a jazz musician since 2000. Additionally, I have been teaching guitar students for decades and have accumulated a wealth of experience in teaching jazz guitar. My students have been attending my lessons for many years and we focus on jazz standards, comping, and improvisation. Over the years, they have made significant progress—learning how to analyze a tune, take a solo, play a chorus (or two), and perform live at the concerts that I host for my students. They also benefit greatly from being part of a community of students here in Berlin.

However, I understand that not everyone lives in Berlin.

That's why I created this live online course where we meet-up every tuesday evening. So this course doesn't leave you alone with 200 GB on your hard drive (just kidding). I believe one of the most important things a student needs is feedback and a sense of community.

Here´s what you are going to learn in this course:

  1. Learn to improvise over 10 easy jazz standards: improvise with the pentatonic and major scales and see how you'll find great melodic lines easily. It's not about quantity (knowing all the scales, arpeggios, and bebop licks), but it's about making music with easy tools. Practicing improvisation with specific restrictions will be at the core of this course. 

  2. Learn to play the melodies and accompaniments of 10 jazz standards: In each of the 10 lessons, we'll start with the melody of the tune. You'll learn how to play in one position, how to play an accompaniment (swing and bossa nova), and how to improvise over the tune.

  3. Understand the chord progressions of 10 easy jazz standards: Every lesson will cover some basic music theory, such as the major scale and its diatonic chords. You'll learn about the tritone substitution, secondary dominants, and how you can make a functional analysis of each tune.

We´ll meet up for 10 live Zoom lessons every Tuesday at 07:00 PM CEST and we work on a different jazz standard each evening. Here´s the schedule:




    Watermelon Man






   Mac the Knife



Take the A Trane



Autumn Leaves



Blue Bossa



Song for my father



Fly me to the moon



Tune Up




Every lesson includes this package:

  1. A pre-recorded high-quality video about the song of the week.

  2. A PDF that goes along with the video.

  3. A jamtrack.

  4. Homework

When we meet on Tuesday evening, I will improvise on the tune of the week for you. After that, I'll take some questions, and we'll explore the tune together. You can play for me if you'd like, or you can just lean back and enjoy the live Zoom session.

If that's interesting to you, you can purchase the course below. If you have any questions or are unsure if the course is the right fit for you, send me an email at: