i am such a coffee addict! but not ANY coffee - it needs to be a real nice cappuccino. And this cappuccino is part of my practice routine! first i practice like 60 min - i warm-up,i play some scale patterns and most often i concentrate on a new sound that i really want to make a part of my playing. and then after 60 min ( you know this i my delayed gratification trick) and really only after the first 60 min i can have my coffee! alos since i practice in the mornings most of the time that´s the perfect time for me to have some coffee. and then i get my own custom-made bavarian porcelain mug and make myself a cappucino ( or i buy one with my mug BECAUSE environment, right).

and yes i am playing a lot of wrong notes. wrong notes that can be right notes. wrong notes that only feel like wrong notes and only because they didn´t match my expectation while improvising. and yes it´s all ok. i play some wrong notes. i play some rigth notes. and i just continue practicing playing jazz guitar.