The gear i love to use!

Recommendations (no paid advertisements)

1)I have been playing this set of strings for many years.They sound great and last for some months.
I especially like the wounded g-string. It helps produce a more even sound. And the often tricky change (soundwise) between D- and g-
string is easier to navigate.

2) If you see me going frantically through all my bags and trousers...i am looking for the Dunlop Jazz III picks. I have been playing this picks for more than 20 years. I also tried the red ones. But i really like the black ones. Apparently the plastic is different with the red ones. And they sound a little to bright for my ears. ( LOL) 3) I started playing Vovox sonorus protect A 350 cords one year ago. A student of mine recommended them. They really do sound great. Very clear sound. Maybe if you have the chance try to test that for yourself. And switch cords and listen how they sound. Sometimes i think it is crazy! We buy an expensive amp and maybe a very expensive guitar and then we connect the two of them with a 10 Euro cable. (i am exaggerating of course)


4 )that makes me think about tuners!! OMG!! i can ́t tell you how many students still tune their guitar with their smartphones (even so they have been having lessons with me for a while ;)...Please don ́t do that. Buy yourself a tuner. They are really not that expensive. I am using the CA 40 chromatic tuner from KORG. It costs around 20 Euro. And then your guitar is hopefully going to be in tune. If not? Go to the luthier and get it fixed. Please.

5) I have been playing music stands that collapse into themselves. Or music stands that send music sheets repeatedly flying to the floor. So i have to pick the music up again. That can be so much fun. But seriously. If you are practicing something difficult and challenging youself ( like you should) it might just be the thing that makes you stop practicing. Or that ennerves you so much that you can ́t focus anymore. So would recommend that you get a solid music stand.The little things make all the difference. This one is the KM 11930 orchestra stand ouverture.

6) the guitar strap! So important. Try to get a guitar strap that is wide and soft. I always play leather straps. They last for years. They come around 100 Euro or more. But you ́ll have them forever if you don ́t loose them ;) there is this german brand Richter and it seems to be all the hype. But i don ́t like them too much. A good strap prevents injury and should never be too stiff.

7) I have been playing Ibanez guitars for many years and i really like them. I has never been a conscious decision. Just something that happened by itself. If you are looking for a solid jazz guitar to start with i recommend the Ibanez AAS93FM-VLS. If you have a little money on the side you could also try the Ibanez JSM100-VT John Scofield Signature. But the AS is really just fine and will last for a long time aswell.

8) with the amps that ́s a bit trickier. I have been playing a hendriks jazz amp for 10 years now and i am very happy with it. BUT. It ́s a transistor amp and i am secretly admiring the fender blues junior. That i actually never played but i heard yery good things about it. If you are looking for a small practice amp i recommend the vox pathfinder 10. Looks cute and sound good.