10 Mind-Blowing Jazz Guitar Lines and How To Master Them

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how do you practice playing bebop lines? And what is a cool jazz guitar lick anyways? Is it all subjective? Or are there some rules that we can learn?

BECAUSE: i always wondered why do some people sound so good? An what exactly is it that makes them sound so good? Is there a hidden science to playing really good lines? And what´s the secret formula?

In today´s video i am sharing some of the tricks that i learned in many years of playing jazz guitar. I transcribed a lot of solos, l took a lot of guitar lessons and i asked a lot of questions. And there are in fact some things that can definetly help create a logical line.

So let´s have a look at 10 jazz licks and try to understand what´s happening so we can construct our own lines. But also it will help us understand the lines of other guitar players better. In the end that´s what it all comes down to: understand it – practice it – apply it