Wednesday Workshop in Berlin

Learning to play jazz guitar can be pretty overwhelming at times! So many videos, online classes, interviews and just in general a lot of stuff!!

i think maybe too much stuff!! i also think that the online world is great and for sure i have been finding a lot of information there for myself too. BUT i am convinced if you want to really make progress and play guitar on the next level you need to turn your computer off and go out into the real world!

Leave your living room and meet some like-minded people and maybe even make some new friends!So that´s why i created the WEDNESDAY Workshop Sessions in Berlin - Moabit.

We´ll meet up every Wednesday evening and work on the technical aspects of playing jazz guitar. But we also really sit down and improvise together and exchange ideas ( and also talk about the latest YouTube video) and that´s a lot of fun.

when: every Wednesday ( except for Berliner Schulferien)

where: St. Johanniskirche, Alt-Moabit 24, 10559 Berlin 

19: 00 - 20:00 Technique Workout ( Preparation for the Improvisation Class)

20:15 - 21:15 Jazz Guitar Improvisation


send me an email if you are interested :